After our firm settles a personal injury case, an outsider might assume our goal is simply to get a check cut for our client, get a check cut for our fee, and move on so we can start working on another case. Well, some attorneys may work that way, but not here at Campen & Manganaro. We don’t stop working until we’ve recovered as much money for YOU as possible. Case in point – see example below.

As you can see, the final settlement our client authorized us to accept was in the amount of $130,000. Our client approved this amount and understood our fee*, so she was really only expecting to recover $130k minus $52k, minus the total of all outstanding medical bills and liens. You can see them listed below. The Medicare lien was especially hefty, coming in at $31,842.05. At this point, we certainly could have just proceeded with having our own fee paid, and given our client what she expected. But that’s not how we work. We knew there was hidden money out there for HER. While our fee would never have increased at that point, our commitment to our client was to recover as much as possible.

So, we made a strong effort to negotiate a reduction in the medical bills for this client. Sometimes health care providers and other lienholders will cooperate, sometimes they won’t. You can see all the bills that were owed and all of the savings we obtained for our client below. In this case, we were able to successfully argue that much of the treatment included in the Medicare lien was unrelated to the accident.

In other words, our fight for your rights doesn’t end with the insurance company. Our fight ends when we know we’ve handed you the most money we can possibly obtain for you.

*Just as an FYI, in this case we had to file suit and litigate, which is why our fee was increased from the typical 1/3 to 40%. This case was taken on contingency, so we were not paid a dime until we recovered for our client.


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